About Viewfruit

About Viewfruit

As a member of the Market Research Association, Viewfruit is devoted to providing opinion polls and market research service for 32 countries and regions all over the world. Through project cooperation, Viewfruit offers opportunities of taking on part-time job and sharing different experience for thousands of members who come from Asian, Australia, Europe, America, and Africa. These opportunities are including online market research and offline seminar, and so on.


As a service platform for members, Viewfruit-India takes offering its Indian members more good project and additional service as purpose. Participation, reward, share, and gain. Members not only acquire rewards but also the joy of participation and speech. Viewfruit-India has launched new service, such as industry microblog BBS and job searching, etc. which provide a new space for numbers of members of industry communication and learning from each other.

We are looking forward sincerely that the life in Viewfruit will be more and more splendid in the near future.

[Members Voice]

Make the biggest use of your purse

“I can earn several hundred yuan in Viewfruit every month. Though it is not a large amount of money, it can subsidize my daily living cost and do not delay my study. What’s more, I can have deeper understanding about business society through these business surveys. I have a good harvest in Viewfruit. Hope Viewfruit could develop better and better. “

Everyone’s market research company

“I was recommended by my friend to join Viewfruit at the beginning. He can get 10% points whenever I participate in a survey. Haha, to show his gratitude for this, my friend invited me to have a dinner. Later, I try to recommend my friends and relatives to join Viewfruit as well, and do promotions in micro-blog and BBS. Now I have a friendship group composed of several hundred people. They bring me a lot of reward points continually as if I have a market research company by myself. It is really a very excellent experience. I think market research should be promoted since the process of participating in surveys is a process of sharing knowledge and experience.

New knowledge and new concept make you keep ahead

Many researches are commissioned by global clients in Viewfruit, especial the surveys of testing new production. People can broaden their vision in Viewfruit because many concepts here are very advanced in fields. Last time I was invited to participate in a survey to test a new cell-phone. The cell-phone that had not been released in market was presented to the participants. This survey made me a man of fashion, and my friends envied me a lot. I hope I can have more opportunities to participate such kind of surveys. Cosmetic surveys are okay for me because I can send the cosmetic to my girlfriend.

Industry experts share thoughts with each other

I thought I knew cars very well and few others can achieve my level ago. But when I join in Viewfruit find I that in fact there are so many car fans who know car much better than me. People who are fond of cars do not have to own a car but must know how to appreciate a car. It would be much greater if I can communicate with some car fans and make friends with them.

I call the shots about my value

I join in Viewfruit just because of its job search service at the begining. The simple personal resume templates make job searching easier. Later I am deeply touched by the articles about personal career planning published in Viewfruit’s BBS. Nowadays the great pressure of society competition and large wealth gap make people so scatterbrained that they never think about deeper meanings of life. Gradually they get lost on their way. So do I. My current occupation suits me well. I knew the old saying “everyone is born with some talent” when I was very young. I did not know what talent I have before, but thanks to Viewfruit, I have an accurate position for myself now. I will support Viewfruit forever.”