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Q1:Is it free to register to be Viewfruit member?
Yes, registration for Viewfruit and the service provided by Viewfruit are entirely free!
Q2:How to change my registration information?
After login in Viewfruit, enter “My-Center”, members can change basic information, value-added information, payment account, registration email address, password in the Menu Options “Profile”.
※If you need to change the Registration Email, ID, or Paypal Account once registered, our system will send an emend-link to your registration email box to ensure the safety of your account and points. Please log in your registration email box and click the emend-link to change the information.
Q3:I still can not log in after input my email address and password.
Common mistakes:
Please confirm whether there is space.
Please confirm whether the capitalization is right.
Note: when the “Capslock” is light, all the words input are capitalized.
Have you clicked the button “Log in” after you input your email address and passward?
Please click the button “Log in” to finish the authentication if the information you input is same with your registration information.
【Please enable Cookie of Browser】
You will use Cookie when use My Center
Probably you can not finish the authentication or change your registration information when enter My Center if you forbidden the Cookie.
Please enable your Cookie before login in.
Q4:Why can’t I register after having filled out the registration information?
It is most probably some wrong information is filled in the input box, and there will be red alert message above the input box. Please check the information filled in carefully before submit.
※Possible conditions when it occurs “The email address has been registered” are as follows:
You have registered Viewfruit website with the email address and have activated it.
Solution: Please check your previous registration information before log in the email address, or you can use another email to re-register.
Q5: I did not receive the activating email after registration.
The system will send an activating email to your registration email box after you submit registration information.
There are three possibilities if you do not receive the activating email 24 hours after registration.
1)Probably you register with a wrong email address. Please check the email address and re-register in this case.
2)Probably the activating email is regarded as spam mail and put in spam mail box. Please check your spam mail box in this case. Please re-register if you can not find the activating email either.
3)Probably you can not receive the activating email because of network failure, please click the button “re-send activating email” and check your email box again.(Usually it is wrong email address leading to registration failure, so we suggest you change another email address to register.)
※We will delete the wrong information you fill in.
Q6: When I register payment account, the webpage displays “Something goes wrong”.
Viewfruit assigns Paypal Account to collect the exchanged cash.
The probable causes of failing to register payment account are as follows:
1)Member’s real name filled in basic information is not inconsistent with the name of PayPal account.
In this case, please change your name in the menu page “Basic Information”.
※A PayPal account is allowed to register only one corresponding Viewfruit member.
2) Fill out a wrong PayPal account. Please check it in this case.
Q7:Can my families register to be Viewfruit members with me as well?
Yes. But only one member account can be used on one computer, so your families must use other computers to register and join in answering questionnaires.
Additionally, the respondent must Viewfruit member himself.
This rule is aiming to avoid one person register more than one account so as to make sure the accuracy of research result.
Please understand if there is any inconvenience.
Q8:Can teenagers under 18 register to be a member of Viewfruit?
People above 14 can register.
As a professional research member website,Viewfruit forbids anyone to publish junk ads, fraud information, adult content and any other information banned by National laws and regulations.

Q9:Which operations need I log in email box to certify?
Explanation about email certification
To perfect the website safety performance,Viewfruit requests members to log in email box to certify when conduct the operations below:
*Modify information, including registration email address, payment account, ID Number, ect.
*Apply to redeem
※This function is aiming to protect members’ information and points from access by unwanted or malicious visitors.
Hope you can understand.
Q10:What can I do if I forget my password?
Please click the link “Lost your password” in the Home Page, and enter the “Find Your Password” page. You will be asked to provide the email address you used when register, and we will send you an email to that address. You can click the link in the email to change your password.
※If you forget both registration email address and log-in password, please click “Contact us” in the home page, and leave message to us. We will solve it as soon as possible. To ensure the safety of your account, we probably need you to fax us your ID copies or provide us your cell-phone number.