Shely Published in:2021-03-04 14:40

What do you usually do to relieve stress?

21 replies

Zoeyy Published in:2021-02-23 13:55

Do you like fitness?

32 replies

AdityaGupta82 Published in:2021-02-22 21:05

Dynamo gaming player

5 replies

atulprajapati539051 Published in:2021-02-22 14:25

Jay hind

3 replies

rudra1 Published in:2021-02-19 23:48

Do You Do Meditation ?

53 replies

Zoeyy Published in:2021-02-19 11:36

For smart phones, do you value functions or appearance more?

10 replies

Joycefan Published in:2021-02-19 11:26

As a woman, do you like to collect all kinds of lipstick colors?

7 replies

KarateRaju Published in:2021-02-15 10:37

Self defence for girls

40 replies

KarateRaju Published in:2021-02-15 10:31

Should Self-defence taught compulsory in schools?

28 replies

GENNU Published in:2021-02-07 23:31

wi-fi provider

26 replies

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