Jack fan Published in:2021-01-15 14:27

It's winter, do you have anyone you want to go skiing together?

38 replies

Nikoo Published in:2021-01-15 14:18

Do you like extreme sports?

41 replies

nikitalamba200057 Published in:2021-01-13 03:47

do you want money?

63 replies

rudra1 Published in:2021-01-08 16:04

Do You Speak Gali (Bad words) ?

61 replies

Nikoo Published in:2021-01-08 11:08

Delicious food and slim figure, which one would you choose?

33 replies

Jack fan Published in:2021-01-08 11:05

winter and summer, which one do you like ?

23 replies

Vinima Published in:2021-01-05 17:57

K- drama

24 replies

Jack fan Published in:2020-12-29 16:18

Happy New Year everyone in advance. Do you have any travel plans for the holidays?

28 replies

TER Published in:2020-12-29 16:09

Do you have the goal you most want to accomplish in 2021?

15 replies

rudra1 Published in:2020-12-28 22:35

Do you follow Brahmacharya (celibacy)?

30 replies

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